As long as I can remember; I have had a great love for all things ‘baby’.  My greatest desire as a small child was to own a doll that was as close to a real baby as possible.  As soon as I was old enough, I took my babysitting course and started looking after real babies.  I spent my summers helping moms through the the fourth trimester which is the first three months after a baby is born.  I graduated high school and became a live-in and/or live-out nanny until I married, and we started our own family.  Once our children were in school, I again helped several mothers when I could, through that fourth trimester.

My passion in caring for infants led me to researching different types of occupations and came across Postpartum Doula. With some extra training I quickly became a Postpartum Doula and have been working in this line of work since, specializing in nights.

The knowledge and expertise I have gained due to my work experience; gives me much to offer a family as they enter this challenging but so rewarding stage of life. I feel I have an innate ability to cope with the varied challenges presented by newborns, for instance the crying of an infant doesn’t faze me. I also have an affinity for new mothers facing the challenges this stage in their life can bring.

I look forward to continuing to do what I love most…Support You and your Baby!

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